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Attention Site Visitors and Customers: Due to a dramatic increase in quote requests caused by recent severe weather impacts, we currently have a 3 to 5 day delay in providing new quotations and estimates. Emergency requests can be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

If you have an insurance claim regarding hail or storm damage, our resource team includes a Haag* Certified Engineer who can assist you with your insurance claim.

*Haag's expert engineers are able to determine cause and extent of failure or damage to industrial, commercial, or residential roofs. Our Haag resource can investigate damage to roofs due to design problems, construction deficiencies, excessive loading, weather, seismic events, mechanical damage, maintenance issues and/or other causes. Haag has an extensive reputable record of analyzing damage caused by weather phenomena, including hail, snow, ice, wind, storm surge, flooding, lightning, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Our Haag Certified Engineer can manage your insurance claim from initial filing to final completion.

Pioneer Roofing is utilizing all available resources to keep up with the service demands and respond to customer inquiries and requests at the earliest time possible.

Please be careful concerning fraudulent and unscrupulous Roofing Contractors in the local area. For more information please visit these sites from the local news sources KVIA, KFOX news, and New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department websites and read our BLOG on finding the best Roofing Contractor for your property(s).