Pioneer Roofing and Specialties, Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

Question > Why are you not always the 'cheapest' roofing contractor or roofer?

Answer > Our company gives back to the Las Cruces and Southern NM economy by hiring local talent and minimizing the use of day laborers and sub-contractors. Pioneer Roofing follows all Federal and State statutes regarding employment laws and faithfully abides by all insurance, liability, and workman's compensation requirements to ensure we protect both our valued employees as well as our customers. We utilize, insure and maintain our own vehicles, equipment, tractors, dump trucks, commercial properties, and other tools to ensure complete satisfaction and overall positive and successful outcomes to our projects. All these legal, warranted and valid factors combined together often determine our higher end-pricing to customers; however, our reputation, quality workmanship, and financial backing as independently noted in the Better Business Bureau and Angie's List are second to none in the local region. As our Pioneer Roofing slogan states "Honesty and Integrity has built our Business". We live and therefore thrive by staying true to and keeping our ethical standards.

Question > Why hasn't your company received 'Roofer' of the Year Award after 2007 with the Las Cruces Sun News?

Answer > To our knowledge, up until 2007, the voting and selection process for local contractors apparently changed whereby the submitted votes are tallied differently now allowing repeat votes for the same contractor from the same mailing source whereas previously this was carefully screened to ensure fairness and accurate accounting. This change has allowed contractors to be selected based on the quantity of received votes by not scrutinizing the source of mailing voters. Also an independent accounting firm was previously utilized to give the voting process added credibility. For the record, Pioneer Roofing and Specialties  Inc. prefers to win awards based on merit rather than on frequent entry submissions by our staff and family, taking advantage of a system's weakness and lack of fairness.